Pre-Collection 2013 from Love April

Love April’s newest collection employs the use of ‘dramatic tribal prints’ ‘exaggerated seam-lines’, ‘chic neckline’ and a ‘mixture of masculinity and femininity’ to execute their inspiration of ‘world history generations of women and androgyny artworks’

‘This season we followed our natural instinct and creatively produced bold tribal prints. Our muse was that of historically illustrating African womanhood. Our motive was to not only harness the Love April woman’s natural female form through dramatic tribal prints but to also uniquely contemporize the look and feel of each piece.’

The creative designer behind the label is Ghanaian designer Nina Barkers-Woode.

Check out the ‘Love April’ Pre-Collection below.

image_22 image_20 image_17_905 image_12 image_9_905 image_7 image_4_905 image

Photographed: isOfoe Amegavie

Model: Afua Asona

Instagram: loveaprilgh

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