Meschac Gaba: Museum of Contemporary African Art


Tomorrow will mark the official opening of Benin artist, Meschac Gaba’s exhibition at the Tate Modern gallery in South London. The Tate Modern Gallery recently opened a ‘museum within a museum’ to house the gallery’s expansion into African Art.

Meshac Gaba’s interative ‘Museum of Contemporary Art’ is an idea that was first conceived back in 1996/7 during his residency in Amsterdam. The new museum will take up 12 rooms which includes a games room, a West African-inspired shop, restaurant and reading room.

Meshac Gaba was born in 1961 inCotonou, Benin and  divides his time between Benin and the Netherlands. He said that his concept for the museum came about because he ‘needed a space for his work, because this did not exist’

The exhibition will run until September 22.

The gallery will also featured the work of Sudanese Artist Ibrahim El-Salahi.

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