The Book of Happiness: Africa by Joseph Peter

book-of-happiness-africaThe Book of Happiness: Africa is an inspiring and colorful book that chronicles New York-based photographer and former soccer pro Joseph Peters’ quest for happiness. The book features a collection of heartwarming images and blurbs that sum up inner happiness expressed by simple living and humility.



Discover the book that puts a face on happiness

In 2009, photographer Joseph Peter traveled through fifty African nations in seventy-five days and shot 150,000 images—mostly portraits of joyous, proud, glorious faces. He photographed presidents and heads of state, soldiers and workers, and children of all ages. He captured their smiles, their laughter, their humanity.

He captured their happiness.

First collected in a special handmade leather-bound edition, Joseph Peter’s “book of happiness” was originally presented to Nelson Mandela as a heartfelt personal gift. Now, with this stunning paperbound edition, you can experience for yourself the joyful spirit of a place and its people—a dazzling and optimistic vision of Africa that is as simple, beautiful, and universal as a child’s smile.

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