Germany’s African Slaves: The untold story of African refugees in a hostile climate by Kwaku A. Poku

1375329328Germany’s African Slaves: The untold story of African refugees in a hostile climate is a new book documenting the plight of African refugees in Germany is an important resource for historians, policy makers, and anyone else interested in this vast but under-reported movement of people.

In a fascinating look at a vast movement of people from Africa to Germany over the second half of the 20th century, journalist Kwaku A. Poku documents these trends on a very personal level. An African refugee himself, he reports from “the inside” with access to people who came to Germany out of desperation to make a better life, yet they find something far from “ideal”. In a narrative that is sometimes chilling, and other times heartbreaking, the reader will be left with a better understanding of the struggles that people undertake in search of a better life.

This work fills an important void in the history of refugee movements and will undoubtedly be a valuable resource for historians, academics and anyone else interested in this topic of African refugees in Germany.

This book also presents essays by the author based on his research on the lost tribes of Israel and the Akan tribes in Ghana.

About Kwaku A. Poku
Formally the assistant editor for the Ghanaian Brocasting Corporation, Kwaku A. Poku worked as a correspondent for the Africa Press Service in Germany and contributed several articles for the Daily Graphic (Accra, Ghana), the Ghanaian Times and West Africa magazine (London). He now lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife.

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