New Ananse Collection from 54 Kingdoms (Trailer)

BPEw1oDCUAA_EWh.jpg-large‘Renowned Storytellers in Fashion and Pan-African inspired fashion house, 54 Kingdoms names its new and collection after one of the most known characters in West African and Caribbean folklore, ANANSE. Ananse, who often takes the shape of a spider, is considered to be the godfather of storytelling.’

Reggae icon, Dr Dean-I loaned his voice to the new commercial (above).


54 Kingdoms is an online apparel company that was started back in 2011 by Kwaku Awuah and Nana Poku. Since then the company has embarked on several philanthropic projects including joining forces with the New York-based Edeyo Foundation to give back to the people of Haiti and their work with the Ghana Youth Forum to encourage the ‘youth of Ghana to acquire the skills, self-confidence, and opportunity to participate fully, freely, and responsibly in the life of the community’.

Of the new Ananse collection, the CEO’s states “This new collection is a testament to our creativity and commitment to promote Pan-African history and heritage through fashion”.

“Our designs carry a lot of weight, therefore, it is important we share the inspiration and creation process behind each piece so our consumers can fully appreciate what they are purchasing. We are setting New Rules in Fashion,”.

The Ananse collection will officially launch on August 16, 2013. Shipping is available within the US only.





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