KISUA Will Bring African Fashion to Consumers Around the Globe. #AfricanFashion

BTAPTQjCIAAmNVqA new online store that focuses on selling apparel from emerging and established designers will launch at the beginning of October.

KISUA which means ‘stylish person’ in Swahili, is the brainchild of CEO’s Samuel Mensah and Danica Lepen. KISUA is an ecommerce concept that aims to bring African fashion to consumers around the globe.

Danica Lepen states to that “Even though we have a focus on creating globally marketable and well-priced garments, we have gone to great lengths to retain authenticity in our collections. As we expand and grow, we will look further into incorporating more and more specialized traditional African methods such as beading, dyeing, weaving and hand-printing”.

Pre-launch, KISUA are working with 10 designers around Africa to create capsule ready-to-wear collections. KISUA has also enlisted the help of some of fashion’s biggest key players who will act as board advisories including menswear designer Ozwald Boateng, Lagos Fashion and Design Week founder, Omoyemi Akerele and Joop van der Meij, the former CEO of Vlisco.

An African designer fund has also been set up to support and nurture emerging designers. KISUA CEO Samuel Mensah promises ‘…to take the KISUA customer on a journey to experience contemporary African culture with stories ranging from fashion, music, art, and literature”.


“The talent has always been here, we just lacked a platform like this to show it to consumers.”

KISUA prices will be affordable and will range from $60 for a top to a $300 coat. is expected to launch on October 3 but in the meantime, potential customers can sign up to join their mailing list or keep updated via their TUMBLR blog.

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