Baudouin Mouanda: Congolese Dreams -VIDEO (AlJazeera)

Baudouin_himselfThe New African Photography is a series of 6 documentaries that draws us into the world of a new generation of African prolific photographers.

Part of that series is ‘Congolese Dreams’, a short movie by filmmaker Philippe Cordey which follows internationally acclaimed Congolese photographer, Baudouin Mouanda as he works on his latest project The Dream. The Dream is a collection of photograph where various female subjects are asked to pose in the same wedding dress in various locations – from rubbish dumps to crowded trains.

In 2009, Mouanda won The Young Talent Award at the African Photography Biennial for his La Sapuers project. Since then he has exhibited his work worldwide.

The New African Photography series is a production of Aljazeera news channel.

Image Source: Baptiste de Ville d’Avray


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