Moffat Nyangau x Silence + Noise for Urban Outfitters

537538_4964387500290_936993891_n Kenyan-American illustrator Moffat Nyangau is the winner of Urban Outfitters Night Out Contest; a competition that required applicants to submit their sketches to win an exclusive Designed By: collaboration.

The 19 year old Rhode Island student, drew a combination of a cat, fish scales and water which became the final design used on a Silence + Noise sweater (below).


In an interview with Urban Outfitter, he was asked about his initial reaction when he found out that he had won, he stated ‘It was a lot more than I could handle! It was just another regular day of me checking my mail. It took a couple of minutes to register that I had won, which isn’t something I thought would happen. I walked around the room cheering, but no actual words coming out, rolling my arm in the air.’

Check out his full interview on the Urban Outfitters blog.

The Silence + Noise and Moffat Nyangau collaboration sweater is available here.

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