Mozambican novelist, Mia Couto wins the Neustadt Prize, ‘America’s Nobel’

la-et-jc-mia-couto-of-mozambique-wins-the-neus-001-1Mozambican novelist and poet Mia Couto received the $50,000 Neustadt International Prize for Literature. Neustadt International Prize is a biennial award often referred to as the “American Nobel.”

The Neustadt prize is awarded by the University of Oklahoma and the journal World Literature Today. “Mia Couto is trying to lift the yoke of colonialism from a culture by reinvigorating its language,” Robert Con Davis-Undiano, director of World Literature Today, said in a statement. “A master of Portuguese prose, he wants to lift that burden one word, one sentence, and one narrative at a time, and in this endeavor he has few if any peers.”

Cuoto told the Lusa news agency (link in Portuguese) that the award “coincides with a time of trouble and worry in Mozambique and, in particular, for my family, which has also been the subject of threats.”

Source: LA Times

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