Model Ajuma Nasenyana speaks on using her influence to end skin bleaching (Video)

ajumaFormer Victoria Secret model Ajuma Nasenyana,  speaks to Anthony Berklich of Inspired Citizen about why she is making it her mission to speak against skin bleaching in her native country of Kenya.


Video Synopsis:

Ajuma Nasenyana is one of the world’s top fashion models. Hailing from Northern Kenya, she began her career as a national champion in running before being discovered by a local modeling agent. She has been invited to walk the world’s most prestigious runways including: Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Victoria’s Secret. But, growing up, her life wasn’t as glamorous. She was teased incessantly for her dark skin. Since she has become a public figure, Ajuma has made it her mission to spread the word about the skin-bleaching epidemic in Kenya and on the continent of Africa. She hopes, through her words and actions, she can inspire a younger generation to forego this risky practice and love themselves for who they are.

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Excerpt Source: Inspired Citizen

Image source: Nathaniel Goldberg. Ajuma Nasenyana as Grace Jones for W Magazine Spring 2007.

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