NEW ALBUM: Lovely Difficult by Mayra Andrade

1377319_10151925843782360_1311989573_n‘Lovely Difficult’ is the fourth album from Cape Verdean singer Mayra Andrade. The new multilingual album (Creole, English and Portuguese) features collaborations from contemporary artists such as Yael Naim, Tété and Benjamin Biolay.

Fans of Andrade will notice a significant difference between this new collection of tracks in comparison to her previous work; she is renowned for her modern take on the traditional morna music of Cape Verde, but steers away for a less traditional and more pop-orientated sound for ‘Lovely Difficult’. The new album reflects a new sound that she has embraced in her new home base of Paris where she has spent the last 11 years of her life. The album earns its title from a nickname given to Andrade by her partner.



  1. Ténpu Ki bai (Mayra Andrade)
  2. We used to call it love (Pascal Danae – Mayra Andrade)
  3. Build it up (Krystle Warren)
  4. Ilha de Santiago (Mario Lucio Sousa)
  5. Le jour se lève (Yann Walcker/ Yael Naïm)
  6. A-mi n kre-u txeu (Mayra Andrade)
  7. Rosa (Mayra Andrade/ Mayra Andrade & Munir Hossn)
  8. 96 days (Hugh Coltman)
  9. Les mots d’amour (Tété)
  10. Trés mininu (Mayra Andrade/ Mayra Andrade & Piers Faccini)
  11. Téra Lonji (Mayra Andrade/ Pascal Danae)
  12. Simplement (Benjamin Biolay)
  13. Meu farol (Mayra Andrade/ Mayra Andrade & Munir Hossn)

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