Call for Writers for an anthology of African Immigrant Literature #AfricanWriters

africandiaspora_coverYou are invited to submit an autobiographical essay or creative nonfiction story for this anthology of African Immigrant Literature, the Promises of Freedom Book Project. This book will focus on how Africa-born youth is impacted by immigration, American race/racial relations, Americana socio-economic-cultural dynamics, and familial dislocation/adjustments. African-born immigrants (whether USA citizens or not) and first generation born Africans are invited to send autobiographical stories and first-person creative nonfiction (essays/memoirs).

The Promises of Freedom book project is spearheaded by Mr. Malcolm Cash, Lecturer in the Department of African American and African Studies at The Ohio State University and Instructor of English & English Composition at Central State University. The team also compromises of Jonathan Woldaub of Seattle, Washington and Rahwa Hassen of Columbus, Ohio.

The aim of POF is to create a book comprised of narratives from young adults within the African diaspora who either immigrated to the United States as a child/teenager or are apart of the first-generation experience. Our goal with Promises of Freedom is to build a collection of narratives (5-10 pages each) that reflect the diverse experiences of young adults, one which could be used to better understand the complexity, challenges, and beauty of growing up African in America.

If you are interested in submitting a piece, the following criteria shall be met: Writers can be from the ages of 18-30 years; Are first-generation Americans (one or both parents immigrated to the U.S.); or Immigrated as children or teenagers (no later than the beginning of high school).

Please send us an email at for more information and a copy of our writers’ guidelines.

Rahwa Hassen is a Senior at The Ohio State University majoring in International Development with minors in African Studies, Arabic, and Global Public Health. – See more at:


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