Anita Quansah London SS14 Lookbook

1499632_775805365766939_505066044_nBespoke jewelry designer Anita Quansah, takes inspiration from seventeenth century high ruffled collars and bejeweled african artistry for her latest Spring summer Collection.

The UK based designer states, ‘I remember growing up in Nigeria in Africa being surrounded by old fashioned framed photographs of family members. My granny’s house was like a living museum surrounded with amazing black and white and sometimes colored photographs. I enjoyed cleaning them often as that was my duty as a child. I often imagined what it would have been like to have such photographs done, but i was an 80’s child, so the photographs that was taken of me, is completely different.
For my look book, I wanted to capture that essence of my childhood memory, but shot in present time.’


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Creative team behind the Anita Quansah London SS14 shoot:

Photographer: àsìkò fine art photography
Stylist: Crystal Deroche Styling
Model: Ayoola
MUA: Mikhaila Pratt


To learn more about Anita Quansah, visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anita-Quansah-London/131846120162870

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