The African Queens: Dolls by Taofik Okoya


When entrepreneur Taofik Okoya couldn’t find a black doll for his five year old niece, he decided to take matters into his own hands and create a line of dolls that reflected Nigerian girls.

Similar to what American Girl is to young girls across the United States,  the Queens of Africa is a line of books, dolls and comics designed to help empower children of African descent.

The line consists of three characters (Queens) – Nneka (of Igbo descent), Azeezah (Hausa) and Wuraola (Yoruba)

dollsAccording to the Guardian, The African Queen dolls are selling like hotcakes in Nigeria and are even surpassing their competitors at Mattel.

fico-girlsTo learn more, visit the Queens of Africa Facebook Page.

Check out the rest of this story in the Guardian.



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