Madagascar Made: A book by TaSin Sabir

madagascar-madeMadagascar Made is TaSin Sabir’s memoir depicting her trip to Madagascar and the connection she felt while on her ‘journey to self discovery’.

The book features beautiful vibrant images and journal entries from the Oakland-based photographer, who is a recent graduate of the California College of the Arts. Here is the synopsis accompanying the book.


In school we studied the world and that’s when Madagascar found me. As I learned all the names of the counties in Africa I zoomed into the island off of Africa where I saw familiar faces and immediately felt a connection.

At a young age I knew how important it is to know your origin and the brief summary taught in class about being captured from Africa and brought to America as slaves wasn’t enough for me. I needed more information; I needed to know the beginning of my history.

Madagascar became my truth and as I grew older the connection I felt that day in class only grew stronger to the point where family and friends accepted my revelation and supported me when I told them in 2011 that I would finally make the trip.

This book is the story of my journey home told through photography and journal entries.

I hope you enjoy it and perhaps if u have gaps in your history this book will motivate you to dream of ways to fill them.

It’s your life – why not?

TaSin Sabir

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