UPCOMING BOOK RELEASE: Telling Tales by Patience Agbabi

telling-tales-agbabiLondon-born author and lecturer Patience Agbabi, has taken Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and remixed it into a modern day interpretation for the 21st Century.

Telling Tales is Agbabi’s fourth poetry collection and is a result of her ongoing study of the Cantebury Tales. Last December she worked with the British Arts Council to lead workshops based on the work of Chaucer that helped to transform London’s inner city teenagers into modern day wordsmiths.

Telling Tales is a retold compilation of all the stories from Chaucer’s Tales. Stories from the Miller’s Tale to the Wife of Bath are all given new life using Agbabi’s acclaimed poetic style.

‘Boisterous, funky, foul-mouthed, sublimely lyrical and bursting at the seams, Telling Tales takes one of Britain’s most significant works of literature and gives it thrilling new life.’


Tabard Inn to Canterb’ry Cathedral, Poet pilgrims competing for free picks, Chaucer Tales, track by track, it’s the remix From below-the-belt base to the topnotch; I won’t stop all the clocks with a stopwatch when the tales overrun, run offensive, or run clean out of steam, they’re authentic and we’re keeping it real, reminisce this: Chaucer Tales were an unfinished business.

In 1997, Agbabi won an award for her poetry collection ‘R.A.W.’ She has worked in collaboration with the British Council and is currently a fellow at Oxford Brookes University.

The book is currently available to pre-order at Amazon.

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