Review: ‘Kickin’ It with the Kinks’ by Cynthia Butare #Afrohair #Naturalhair #WatchOnline

294830_533517060024077_7012017_nA few days ago, Swiss filmmaker Cynthia Butare, announced that she will be making her award-winning documentary ‘Kickin It with the Kicks’ (KIWTK) available online. On hearing this news, I was delighted, as this was a film that I had been hoping to watch for quite some time but was unable to make any of the screenings.

What initially started out as Butare’s university school project, became a full length documentary exploring natural hair and the dilemmas surrounding it. The film was shot entirely in the UK.

In the beginning of the film, we are introduced to presenter Mundia Situmbeko, a student and blogger who sets out to explore ‘the complexities of haircare among women – of African descent’. Situmbeko mentions that she had always worn weaves and extensions but it wasn’t until a friend questioned her about never seeing her hair in it’s natural state, that she started questioning her thoughts on how she saw her hair.  

Throughout Mundia’s journey, we hear from top hair experts including ROOT2TIP founder Sal Ayesha, Hollywood cosmetologist Felicia Leatherwood and Blackhair Magazine Founder, Keyshia Davis.

We also hear excerpts from an intense debate from students of the African Caribbean Society, where some are split on which hair state they are most comfortable with. It was interesting to hear the thoughts from a younger generation of Black Britons, especially the male students perspective on the matter.  

The documentary did a great job of dispelling negative stereotypes associated with Afro hair. Overall KIWTK is great educational tool that can help enlighten and encourage healthy discussions on confidence and self image. 

Click here to watch the full documentary.

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