‘Til Queendom Come: Miatta Ashley by Le Femme Flâneur

gritsbiscuitsTil Queendom Come is a series of portraits featuring inspiring stories from women of color. The series is produced by Le Femme Flaneur.

Although we share similar experiences, we rarely get to hear the stories of the queens we do not know, which is why we decided to embark on the video series, ‘Til Queendom Come—portraits of amazing women of color sharing their thoughts on life and the journeys they have taken.

In the first installment, we are introduced to New York-based Liberian-born Miatta Ashley who talks about how she brought a sense of home to her new country of residence and the importance for women to bond with each other and build a sisterhood.

Le Femme Flâneur
Le Femme Flâneur was created in June 2011 by best friends, Erica O. Famojure and Lauraberth Lima (two West African women in the diaspora). Through written and visual creations, Erica and Lauraberth aim to redefine the connotation of the term “flâneur” to include any individual who creates her own utopia influenced by the wonders of her environments, interactions with others and the personal relationship she has with herself’.

To learn more about La Fleur Flâneur and to follow the ‘Til Queendom Come Series, visit Le Femme Flaneur.

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