Call For Submission: Share your throwback images (circa 1600-2000) for The African Look Book

4c49d44329fca4df80bcb15ae259cbd6The African Look Book is a new project from INDIGO Author Catherine McKinley that documents West African, fashion, trade and politics from 1600 to 2000.

THE AFRICAN LOOKBOOK explores the earliest photographic images of West African dress through the present, and what the images reveal of social and political history.  It includes studio and other work by Isaac Julien, George Osodi, James Barnor, Angele Essamba, Sidibe, Keita, Ojerkere, and many others; and also images from family albums, advertising, etc..    

Catherine McKinley is currently accepting photo submissions for The African Lookbook until MARCH 15.
If you would like to share your vintage postcards or throw-back family picture and have them showcased next to some of Africa’s most prolific photographers, you can submit them to Ms. Mckinley at
Image Source: Malick Sidibe

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