Post Genocide Rwanda – 20 Years On

Today mark’s the 20 anniversary of the beginning of the Rwandan genocide. Over the course of 100 days more than 800,000 people (Tutsis) were brutally slaughtered (by the Hutu tribe).

Although the 1994 misfortunes are still fresh in people’s minds, Rwanda has taken great strides towards recovery and unity. The government have implemented new rules such as the elimination of the national census tracking ethnicity and the removal of ones ethnic designation on their ID cards.

rwanda01a-03a‘Rising Rwanda’, a 2010 project by University of Portland professor C. Vail Fletcher and California State Polytecnic professor Lorena Turner focused on the new generation of Rwandan’s that were born post genocide. 

Rising Rwanda is intended to mark a shift in the photographic dialogue about Rwanda towards the present and future by focusing on the country’s youth population. In the project, 35 children born after the genocide were photographed with a drawing they made depicting an aspect of their life or an important relationship. They were then interviewed about their family, community and perspective of the Rwandan nation. – Lorena Turner

The full collection will be exhibited in June at the United Nations 20th Anniversary Commemorative events in New York. 

rwanda01b-04 rwanda03b rwanda05-07 rwanda09
Source: Lorena Turner Photography

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