New Video: ‘Yee Nea Woho’ by Daddy Lumba

Daddy Lumba is back.


Most Ghanaians in their 20 and upwards will probably be more appreciative of this news. This is a man that was responsible for packing dance floors at every Ghanaian function. Back in the 90’s, his new style of electrifying highlife revolutionized Ghanaian sound is a big way. He also shocked with his provocative lyrics which was a big contrast from his Gospel album.


‘Yee Nea Woho’ is his second video this month and Mr Lumba promises to release many more tracks.


Complete with his trademark cornrows and a mini puppet show midway through the video,  here are the visuals for ‘Yee Nea Woho’.

If you enjoyed that, check out ‘Awosoo‘ released last week.

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