Daring to Invent the Future of Africa: Kah Walla at TEDxWarwick 2014

kah-wallahListed in 2008 as one of 7 female entrepreneurst that are working to improve Africa’s business environment by the World Bank, Edith Kah Walla recently gave a Tedx talk at TEDx Warwick. She explains how she is helping to create solutions to aid Africa’s growth with the Cameroon People’s party and she also touches on her recent run (2011) for presidency in her native Cameroon.

Kah Walla is the first woman to ever run for the Presidency of Cameroon. At 47, this entrepreneur, activist and political leader is internationally recognized for her expertise in management and her strong stance on Africa, its women and its youth. In 2008, Kah was featured by the World Bank among 7 women entrepreneurs working to improve the business environment in Africa. In 2011, Newsweek & The Daily Beast as well as New African, respectively cited her as one of 150 women and one of the 100 Africans who shake the world. Over 17 years, Kah Walla has developed STRATEGIES!, an African consulting firm which offers services in leadership and strategy respecting the highest international norms. For 22 years, Kah has developed solutions and policies with business, governments and civil society throughout Africa to foster sustainable economic growth and democratic governance.

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