Monrovia Animated: Animated gifs by François Beaurain

Monrovia Animated is visual artist François Beaurain’s light hearted animated look at scenes from around the Liberian capital of Monrovia.
Before the French photographer decided to accompany his humanitarian girlfriend to Liberian, he decided to google it as he knew nothing about the West African country. Upon searching, he was bombarded with result that depicted the country as dangerous and war-torn.

Beaurain was pleasantly surprised that Liberia turned out to be contradictory to what he had learned prior. Now a local, he has since gained trust from the locals and is known by many in the city.  Here is a selection of some of the gifs that caught our eye.

You have been warned. You may experience a little dizziness after viewing some of the gifs.


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Source: Fbeaurain.com


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