Trailer: Sixteen by Rob Brown

sixteen‘Sixteen’ is a British urban thriller written and produced by award-winning director Rob Brown and stars Roger Nsengiyumva, who plays the lead role of Jumah. Jumah is a former child soldier from the Democratic Republic of Congo who now living in London. As his sixteenth birthday approaches, Jumah witnesses a brutal stabbing which forces him to relive and confront his violent past.

Last year, ‘Sixteen’ was nominated for a London Film Festival Sutherland Award’Sixteen’ and next month, the film will be screening in competition at the 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic.


Plot Summary (ImDB)

SIXTEEN is an urban thriller about an African former child soldier called Jumah was brought to London by Laura, an aid worker who he now lives with. Jumah is about to turn 16 in two days and wants to leave his violent past behind him. Things seem to have taken a turn for the better with Jumah now; he has a sweet but tentative romance blossoming with a girl at school. But then Jumah witnesses a stabbing and the people involved want to make sure that he says nothing to the police about what he saw that night. Pressure mounts as violence forces it’s way back into Jumah’s life.

Pressure mounts as violence forces its way back into Jumah’s life.


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