PHOTOGRAPHY: Namanga by Osbourne Macharia #Kenya

‘Namanga’ is a photographic collection by Kenyan visual artist Osbourne Macharia. The images focus on the Maasai (Masai) Home Keepers that live in the Namanga area of Kenya.

From a young age, the role of home keeper is to protect their cattle from human and animal predators and also to provide a secure and stable environment for their families. Despite western influences and education, the Maasai people have managed to hold on to their traditional lifestyles and practices making them a prominent part of Kenyan culture.

masai masai1 masai2 masai3 masai4

About the photographer

Osbourne Macharia is a Nairobi-based self taught commercial and contemporary photographer. He’s hope to to see Kenyan influence intergrated on a worldwide platform. Machira has a degree in Architecture.

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