Afropunk Hair Portraits by Artist Awol Erizku for Vogue Magazine

The 10 year anniversary of the Afropunk Festival was held at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn this past weekend. Hoards of revelers turned up bringing their fashion A game. From unique fashions ensembles to snazzy hairstyles- all styles were represented.

Punk is dead? The rebellious concert-goers spotted at Brooklyn’s tenth annual Afropunk Festival this past Sunday would beg to differ. Descending upon Commodore Barry Park, they painted a picture of radical iconoclasm, echoing the energy that reverberated in the musical acts onstage with their chaotic, free-form curls, twists, locs, and braids.

In a photoshoot that play homage to his barbershop ‘Heads‘ collection, New York-based photographer Awol Erizku, was there to capture the styles.

View the shots below:

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Image: Vogue

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