Creative Photography from South African Visual Artist Rey Mangouta

Love love love these photo manipulative images from self taught South African photographer Rey Mangouta. Most of his images are self portraits.

Hard to believe that he has been doing this for less than 4 years after receiving his first camera in 2011.

On a statement on his website, he states:I’m a dreamer by nature, I enjoy the simple things in life and people who chase their dreams are my primary source of inspiration. We only live once so making my dreams come true would be my best definition of happiness.

Check out some of his mind-blowing images below:

rey-mangouta1 rey-mangouta2 rey-mangouta3 rey-mangouta4 rey-mangouta5 rey-mangouta6 rey-mangouta7

Click here to learn more about Rey Mangouta.


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