“Eu Sou de Lá”, A film by Sansara Buriti (Trailer) – English subtitles #Brasil

‘Eu Sou de Lá’ translated from Portuguese as ‘I’m from over there’ is a short film that exposes the lives of African migrants in Brazil. The film is directed by Brazilian journalist Sansara Buriti.

When Sansara moved to a different neighborhood, she noticed a flourishing community of Afrcian students living near her house. Curious to know more about her new neighbors, she decides to meet them and hear more about their stories and aspirations, as well as the challenges of living in Southern Brazil.

The film recently picked up a ‘Best Film’ award at the 2014 Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosul in Brazil.


To learn more, visit the films official Facebook page.

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