Pop’Africana Returns With New Limited Edition Zine Series

Is anyone excited about the relaunch of Pop’Africana? We are definitely hyped about this.


Back in 2012, fans were sadden by the news that New York-based photographer and editor Oroma Elewa was bringing her popular magazine Pop’Africana to a close.
Pop’Africana (P’A) essentially put African style on the map with drool-worthy editorials and groundbreaking news on the movers and shakers in Africa and the diaspora.


Last month Elewa relaunched the platform with ‘The Way We Plait (No.1)’, the first installment of a series of zines from Pop’Africana. The zine (No. 1) examines hair culture and pays homage to the iconic works of the late J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere’.


Elena explains, ‘The Way We Plait’ is the first installment in Pop’Africana’s new limited edition zine series. It draws heavily from observations and experiences in the culture of hair making. I’ve always been drawn to the presence of hair and its capacity for structure.


‘The Way We Plait’ and future copies in the Zine Series are available to purchase here.

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