NEW BOOK: ‘The Sunshine Diet’ by Shelina Permalloo

In 2012 Shelina Permalloo was crowned winner of Masterchef and since then launched her first book ‘Sunshine On A Plate’.  Her second book, ‘The Sunshine Diet, launched today, and just like her first book features a new selection of  recipes inspired by her Mauritian heritage.

The book shares the British TV chef’s secret to her incredible 45lb weight loss with tips about healthy eating and over 120 delicious recipes.


Shelina knows how easy it is to let a busy lifestyle get in the way of looking after your health. Here, the food-loving MasterChef winner shares her favourite healthy recipes, inspired by exotic holidays and her Mauritian heritage, that helped herlose over 20 kilos (3 stone). 

Her diet is simple – homemade, whole food, packed with flavour and colour. Her recipes will keep you feeling full and happy as you shed the pounds and get into the best health – try Steamed Hake with Wasabi, Soy and Ginger, Baked Moroccan Eggs, Braised Chicken with Tamarind and Pak Choi, Roasted Aubergines with Fennel and Labneh and Make-ahead Banana Bread and Orange Blossom and Rose Creme Brulee. This is healthy eating made simple, effortless and sustainable. 

Includes beautiful food photography and each delicious recipe comes with a calorie, sugar and fat count per portion so you know exactly what you’re eating. All recipes have been nutritionally approved.

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