Wonderland (GFDW)

EDITORIAL: ‘Wonderland’, a campaign by Ghana Fashion & Design Week X Vogue Italia

Preparations for the 2015 Ghana Fashion and Design Week are in full effect. A few weeks back, organizers launched a new promotion campaign to give us a sneak peak of what’s in store for this years proceedings.

The editorial titled ‘Wonderland’ is inspired by the work of renowned British poet Jeremy Reed and features fashions from casely Hayford, Roberto Cavalli and Sophia Kah. The collections are models by Emilyne Mondo, Ebba Merrington and Sofia Elhaj. View the editorial below:

To learn more, visit: http://www.ghanafashiondesignweek.com

Creative & Art Director: Adrenus Craton
Photographer: Adrenus Craton
Co- Art Director: Daryl Rita Osekreh
Head Stylist: Daryl Rita Osekreh
Celebrity Hair Stylist: Charlotte Mensah of Charlotte Mensah
Creative Makeup Artists: Elaine Lynske
Assistant Stylist: Tamar Kioumedjian

Actress/ Model: Emilyne Mondo
Models: Ebba Merrington, Sofia Elhaj @ Novelmodels Elite
Designers Wardrobe: Casely Hayford, Roberto Cavali, Just Cavali, and Sophia Kah @ Purple PR Fashion.
Shoes: Joanna Stoker, Paul Andrew and Curiously London
Jewelry: Felicia Swartling.
Books: Thanks to renowned British Poet Jeremy Reed

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