Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen

‘Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen’, A Film by Aristides Falcon Paradi to screen at the Havana Film Festival NYC

Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen is a 2013 film by by Aristedes Falcon Paradi that explores the histories behind the Afro-Cuban dance culture, following the origins to Africa and Andalusia.

Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen reveals the vibrant Afro-Cuban culture of the city. In addition, the film unravels the African and Andalusian origins of rumba and follows ordinary people and famous musicians through the dances, drums, and clave rhythm of the genre. By paying homage to the grand masters of the genre, such as Chano Pozo and his collaborations with Dizzy Gillespie, the film takes us on a historical journey that traces the history of rumba in New York through the words and music of scholars, producers, artists and renowned musicians who continue to practice it today. – ADIFF

Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen

A free special screening of Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen by Aristedes Falcon Paradi  will show at The Bronx Museum on Friday March 29th, 2015 to commemorate the 16th Annual Havana Film Festival. Click here to learn more.

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