Dark Blue EP

NEW MUSIC: ‘7 Billion’ by Mizan (Video)

‘7 Billion’ is the hauntingly beautiful new song from Chicago-born singer/songwriter Mizan Kidanu.

‘7 Billion’ is timeless and calming with an ethereal sound that evokes emotion and feeling. It is one of 6 songs included in Mizan’s upcoming EP ‘Dark Blue’

Mizan was raised between the US and Ethiopian and credits her Ethiopian upbringing for keeping her grounded. In an interview with Tadias she explains, “I’m not interested in being pretty or in being easily consumable. Not at all. In fact, everything I do should challenge people to understand me even if I’m not those things. I’m interested in making good, innovative, meaningful music, in being provocative, and in being honest.”

Dark Blue EP

‘7 Billion’ is available to download via iTunes. The Dark Blue EP will be available from November 6, 2015.

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