‘Mugabo’, A Short Experimental Film by Amelia Umuhire

German filmmaker Amelia Umuhire stars as the main protagonist in ‘Mugabo’.

Following the success of Umuhire’s web Series Polyglot, ‘Mugabo’ is a short experimental film that documents a young woman return to Kigali, Rwanda after spending more than 20 years of her life living in Germany,.  The film represent a returnees journey to their ancestral home and how they deal with ‘an idealized homeland, a place of borrowed memories’.

6:32min (2016) Rwanda/Germany
Kinyarwanda w engl. subtitles
Directed by Amelia Umuhire
Music: Isang Yun, Piri for Solo Oboe
with: Pacifique Ishimwe, Amelia Umuhire

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