EDITORIAL: Stories of Near, Photography by Ofoe Amegavie

Stories of Near is ‘a trend studio centred in the African fashion landscape’. Their mission is to ‘connect African-inspired trailblazers and bridge opportunities for collaborations, under the common dreams and objectives of creating new fashion narratives driven by a social anchor’. Though social platforms, ‘Stories of Near’ aims to put a more diverse and richer face to the African fashion that is currently being presented in the media.

In a recent photo story shot by contemporary photographer Ofoe Amegavie, Leana Efia Apenteng models various outfits from featured Ghanaian designers Hazza, Charlotte Prive, Jermaine Blue, 1981.

Check out the looks below with blurbs from each of the designers mentioned.

“I always want to be different with everything I do, you see all the designers are using African Prints. I wanted to go into the industry different, I can even use western fabrics but u will see the Africanism in it” – Hassan Zee Iddriss, Creative director Hazza

“I don’t want to be known as an African designer, I want to be known as a designer. I don’t need to be put in a box. They mark you up with design aesthetics.” – Nana K. Adusei, Creative director Charlotte Prive

‘’What I noticed about the Ghanaian market, is that they don’t like to meet people wearing the same thing that they are wearing. So I am also trying to please the market. I want them to feel that there is variety. All the pieces that I put out are different. I try to change the fabrics or change one or two details from it. If the first one had a pocket, the other one will not have it.’’ – Jason Jermaine Asiedu

Photography by Ofoe Amegavie
Model: Leana Efia Apenteng
Styling and Art direction: Stories of Near
Styling assistent: Nelsyn Nahr

Source: http://storiesofnear.com

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