Hereros – Photography by Jim Naughton

Jul 13, 2013 • Art, NamibiaNo Comments

‘Hereros’ is the latest collection from Jim Naughton currently being exhibited at the Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn.

The collection features images of the Herero tribe in Namibia and how in this present day the residents dress in Victorian and paramilitary costumes. This style of dress represents the  country’s early 20th century colonization by the Germans (images below).

London-based photographer Jim Naughten studied photography at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth in the UK. Naughten’s work has been featured in a number of exhibitions. This most recent series, Hereros, was published as a monograph by Merrell in March 2013.

hererolge17 hererolge16 hererolge15 hererolge13 hererolge12 hererolge10 hererolge09 hererolge08 hererolge07 hererolge06 hererolge05 hererolge04 hererolge03 hererolge02 hererolge01

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