Our Side of the Story: South Sudan by Mike Mellia

Apr 2, 2014 • Art, South SudanNo Comments

In an attempt to bring attention to the current crisis taking place in South Sudan, American photographer Mike Mellia, enlisted the help of prolific South Sudanese, for a series of powerful images titled ‘Our Side of the Story: South Sudan’.

All the subjects have managed to escape genocide and forge new lives for themselves in the US. Supermodels, actors and humanitarians including Ajak Deng and Emmanuel Jal were photographed for the collection which will be on display next week at the Tapir Editions Gallery in New York City.

View some of the collection below:

1.nykhor-paul-by-mike-mellia 2.ajak-deng-by-mike-mellia 3.ger-duany-by-mike-mellia 4.atiey-jal-by-mike-mellia 5.emmanuel-jal-by-mike-mellia 6.ataui-deng-by-mike-mellia 7.nyamuoch-girwath-by-mike-mellia 8.manyang-reath-by-mike-mellia 

The collection of photographs will be showcases at the Tapir Editions Gallery in New York on April 10.

ALL IMAGES COPYRIGHT MIKE MELLIA. To learn more visit: Mikemellia.com

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