Artists to Watch: GrYoT #Togo

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6f9546eae4143cc6448ca4a097d8a8f1GrYoT is a Togolese hip-hop artist residing in Stockholm, Sweden. His music is a reflection of ‘his African rhythmic roots and experience in European music’.

GrYoT started penning lyrics and poetry at age 15 but it wasnt until eight years ago, after attanding a Jay-Z concert that he decided to pursue music full time. He has since collaborated with several artists while promoting his first mixtapes ‘Courtesy Flush’ in 2007, ‘From Florida to Sweden’ in 2009, and ‘Grand Riot’ in 2011.

The name GrYoT is a play on the word ‘Griot’-a word used to describe ‘a messenger who speaks to the tribes-people and gives them advice on life matters’.

He counts Jay-Z, Andre 3000, and Linkin Park as some of his influence.

‘Checkered Flag’, his latest EP featuring Viktor ” ‘breaks the chains’ on traditional hip-hop to introduce his modern and diverse take on the genre”. It is available to purchase on iTunes and Spotify.



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