Candy Collection: New Collection from Sika Designs

Aug 10, 2013 • Articles, FashionNo Comments

‘Candy Collection’ is the newest collection from ethical brand Sika Designs. The Sika brand is ‘inspired by the rich and diverse culture of Ghana’.

The new collection utilizes the brands signature use of bold African prints with the trend and styles of London’s urban chic.

View ‘Candy Collection’ Below:

SIKA_07-13_Style07_0381 SIKA_07-13_Style11_0803-1 SIKA_07-13_Style01_0093 SIKA_07-13_Style05_0058 SIKA_07-13_Style10_0747 SIKA_07-13_Style06_0120 SIKA_07-13_Style09_0592_1 SIKA_07-13_Style02_0090 SIKA_07-13_Style03_0921 SIKA_07-13_Style08_0557_1 SIKA_07-13_Style12_1013
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