Editorial: Fall To #Benin By Kent Andreasen (Chasseur Magazine)

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FALL-TO-BENIN-by-Kent-Andreasen-for-CHASSEUR-MAGAZINE-ISSUE-6-8-1024x724FALL TO BENIN was shot by Kent Andreasen in Africa for the Autumn 13′ edition of Chasseur, Only When I Sleep. The editorial features models Cheryl (BOSS) and Eunice (VISION) styled with various pieces from local designers and brands (Jewel By Lisa, Lila Clothing, Second Time Around, The Lot).  Make up and hair were by Toni Oliver. Charles Harry also assisted the shoot.

View the images below:

FALL-TO-BENIN-by-Kent-Andreasen-for-CHASSEUR-MAGAZINE-ISSUE-6-682x1024 FALL-TO-BENIN-by-Kent-Andreasen-for-CHASSEUR-MAGAZINE-ISSUE-6-9-682x1024  FALL-TO-BENIN-by-Kent-Andreasen-for-CHASSEUR-MAGAZINE-ISSUE-6-7-682x1024 FALL-TO-BENIN-by-Kent-Andreasen-for-CHASSEUR-MAGAZINE-ISSUE-6-6-682x1024 FALL-TO-BENIN-by-Kent-Andreasen-for-CHASSEUR-MAGAZINE-ISSUE-6-4-682x1024 FALL-TO-BENIN-by-Kent-Andreasen-for-CHASSEUR-MAGAZINE-ISSUE-6-2-682x1024
View the rest of the editorial here. Source: www.chasseurmagazine.com

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