Dulcinea Collection by New African Inspired furniture brand Elas #Spain

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ELAS is a Spanish based furniture and interior company founded earlier this year by Berta Okenve and Lucía Mbomío. Having grown up in Europe to African parents, the company is a reflection of both founders dual backgrounds.
‘ELAS is a reflection of us, our blend of European and African culture. We both grew up in Europe but decided to return to Africa to eventually realize that we are daughters of the world. We love the two lands we belong to; we are an indivisible result of them both. Just like ELAS.’

The first and newest Collection from Elas is the Dulcinea Collection.

‘Named after ‘the platonic love of the knight Don Quixote, one of the greatest Spanish—and universal—literature masterpieces. 
The story happens in La Mancha, with its beautifully, arid landscape and its medieval mills. We reinterpret this scenery filling it with new colors, filling it with Africa.’ 

View some of the collection below:

by Elas, Spain by Elas, Spain 10603440_321169014728871_192135666555704870_n 10628025_321166118062494_3694238197280358454_nby Elas, Spain by Elas, Spain by Elas, Spain

To learn more, visit the stores Facebook page.

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