‘First Gen’, A New Nigerian American Comedy by Yvonne Orji (Official Trailer)

Apr 17, 2015 • Articles, Entertainment, Nigeria, USA, VideoNo Comments

‘First Gen’ is a hilarious new comedy series written by and starring Nigerian-American comedienne Yvonne Orji.

The show is relatable to many first generation American families, with parents immigrating overseas for a piece of that American pie – all while trying to inject family traditions and culture into their reluctant American born/raised children.

‘First Gen’ is semi-autobiographical with a storyline that is based loosely on Orji’s real life experience. Orji stars as main protagonist Joanne, a medical student that is chasing her dream of becoming a stand up comedian.

At it’s core, First Gen is a comedy about a Nigerian girl who trades medical school for a career in stand-up comedy and the adventures that ensue after her strict African mother discovers her plans. It’s a super funny and refreshing take on the modern day immigrant family.

To learn more, visit: Firstgenfamily.com or the official Facebook page.

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