#IamaLiberianNotaVirus Campaign to End Ebola Stigmatization

Oct 20, 2014 • Articles, USANo Comments

notavirusThe aftermath of Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan’s death (the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the US), has sparked a lot of racial discrimination among many of African descent (most especially Liberians).


From the xenophobic responses from several politicians to block air travel to and from infected countries, to the unacceptable off-color jokes, several media outlets ploy to send people in a frenzy is slowly but surely segregating an entire continent.


Frustrated with the social stigma and prejudices that the Ebola virus has brought, #IamaLiberianNotaVirus is a multimedia campaign that was created by four women (Shoana Clarke Solomon, Comfort Leeco, Rev. Dr. Katurah Cooper and Aisha Bruce) to educate the public and end the stigma associated with Ebola.


The campaign which was uploaded on youtube last week, has garnered a lot of positive response.


Contrary to the prejudices stemmed for this outbreak, Ebola is not a problem that will go away by closing ourselves off from the rest of the world.  The best response is to have compassion and educating ourselves.


To learn more, follow the #IamaLiberianNotaVirus on social media.

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