Indie Cities celebrates ‘unconventional trendsetters’ in Nairobi

May 14, 2014 • Articles, KenyaNo Comments

1972460_706957626002886_625844502_nThe world’s economy is in bad shape. Youth unemployment and general dissatisfaction are at an all-time-high and young people are being forced (or choosing) alternative ways to live. This has sparked an independence revolution, powered by youthful energy, creativity and entrepreneurialism. 

INDIE CITIES is a short film series, which profiles independent trendsetters from the worlds of Art, Music, Food & Fashion. INDIE CITIES celebrates Quality Craftsmanship, Attention to Detail, Non-Conformity, Persistence and an Uncompromising Love of Life.       


Indie Cities is a multi-platform series that focuses on putting the spotlight on some of the world’s most interesting creatives.

Created by London-based award-winning filmmaker Peter Williams, the series has taken viewers on a journey to some of the most progressive cities through the eyes of ‘unconventional trendsetters from the worlds of art, music, food & fashion’.

The series began its journey in Stockholm and has since traveled to London and Nairobi.

View the promo films for Nairobi-based label Suave Designs(above) and artist Dickson Kaloki and hiphop artist Juliani below.

To learn more, visit:

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