Léonora Miano wins Prix Fémina for her novel La Saison de l’ombre (The Season of Darkness)

Nov 7, 2013 • Articles, BooksNo Comments

Leonora_Miano_foto_Laurent_Zabulon1Cameroonian born author Léonora Miano has won the Prix Femina award for her seventh novel La Saison de l’ombre.

La Saison de l’ombre (The Season of Darkness) explores the loss of loved ones by sub-Saharan Africans during the slave trade.

On winning, Miano stated “I work in my books on wounds that are deep rooted and universal, on what is not said, on questions that can be considered taboos”.

“I wanted to put the humanity of the characters at the forefront. Their emotions, their feelings. Anything that comes to mind when we look at images of bodies crammed together at the bottom of a ship or shackled captives.”

The Prix Femina is a French literary prize created in 1904 by 22 writers for the magazine La Vie heureuse (today known as Femina). The prize is decided each year by an exclusively female jury, although the authors awarded are not limited to women.

To learn more about Léonora Miano, visit her official website at: www.leonoramiano.com


Image Source: Laurent Zabulon // excerpt: Wikipedia


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