• Native Sun

    NEW MUSIC: ‘Day By Day’ by Native Sun

    Apr 10, 2015 • Articles, Mozambique, Music, United Kingdom • Views

    ‘Day by Day’ is the new track from London based music collective Native Sun. ‘Day by Day’ is the first single off of their upcoming album ‘Mother Tongue’.

    Native Sun consists of bilingual rapper Mohammed Yahya and singer/songwriter Sarina Leah. The duo adopt hip hop and African rhythms to promote universal peace, equality, social justice and environmental change.

    Native SunThe song is available to download here. To learn more, visit: Facebook.com/NativeSunMuzik. Also click here to see an interview that we did with them almost 2 years ago

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  • adomaa

    NEW VIDEO: ‘Evolution of Ghanaian Music’ by Adomaa

    Apr 8, 2015 • Ghana, Music • Views

    Up and coming new Ghanaian recording Artist Adomaa, has just released a fun new ‘mashup’ video that pays homage to the evolution of Ghanaian music over the years. Check out the video below:

    The video begins with Adomaa singing an excerpt from highlife favorite ‘All for you’ by E.T. Mensah. The almost 7 minute long montage, ends with D.Black’s ‘Seihor’ (featuring Castro).

    Adomaa’s musical style can be described as a fusion of Jazz, acrobats and everything in between. View the list below for the full list of songs covered and to learn more about this upcoming new starlight, visit her Facebook Page.


    1960’s – All for you by E.T Mensah
    1970’s – Sunshine day by Osibisa
    1980’s – Sokoo na mmaa pe by Amakyi Dede
    – Tena m’nkyen by Paapa Yankson and Paulina Oduro
    1990’s – Medofo pa by Kojo Antwi
    – Maria by Amarh Pino
    – Plan ben by Reggie Rockstone
    2000’s till date – Didadadi by Rex Omar
    – Aso by Kwabena Kwabena
    – Otoolege by Ofori Amponsah
    – Antenna by Fuse ODG
    – Life by R2Bees
    – Simple by Bradez
    – Kill me shy by D Cryme
    – Seihor by D Black ft. Castro

    Source: Adomaa’s Facebook

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  • polyglot

    ‘Polygot’, A New German Web Series by Amelia Umuhire

    Apr 8, 2015 • Articles, Entertainment, Germany • Views

    ‘Polygot’ is a person that is fluent in several languages. It is also the title of filmmaker Amelia Umuhire’s new web series based in the German capital of Berlin.
    The Berlin based web series “POLYGLOT” follows the lives of young Polyglots in Berlin
    The first episode titled ‘The Bewerbungsgespräch’ (The interview), follows performance artist Babiche Papaya on her quest to find an affordable Altbau-Wohnung (apartment in an old building).

    Check out the trailer and the first episode below:

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  • sonya-teclai-far-away-1

    NEW SINGLE: ‘Far Away’ by Sonya Teclai’

    Apr 6, 2015 • Egypt, Eritrea, Music • Views

    ‘Far Away’ is the new single from Bay Area singer and rapper Sonya Teclai. Her sultry vocals and heartfelt vocals are evocative to the R&B hits of the 90’s. Sonya who is of Eritrean and Egyptian ancestry, channels her multi cultural upbringing to bring her unique style of new age soul. ‘Far Away’ was produced by $/\UCE and Marzboygenius and will be the third track featured on her upcoming EP Heatwave. In the meantime, the song can be purchased on iTunes.


    To learn more, visit Sonya Teclai’s official Facebook page.

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  • headress6

    Editorial: ‘Head Dress’ for Gaschette Magazine. Photography by Lauren Fletcher

    Apr 6, 2015 • Articles, Inspiration • Views

    ‘Head Dress’, an editorial by photographer Lauren Fletcher, features in the latest issue of South African fashion publication Gaschette Magazine (Clan Edition). The theme for the photoshoot was a juxtaposition of elements from Europe Africa and Asia.
    The print-on-print aesthetic and style of the portraits references mid-20th century West African Studio portraiture, such as the work of Seydou Keita and Malick Sidibe. Using the portraiture genre also references classical portrait painting and Victorian portrait photography. The bright colours and textured background draw influence from Tretchikoff’s work, and the hessian background gives an earthy feel, again making reference to an African aesthetic. -Lauren Fletcher
    In the editorial, model Aphelele Mbiyo from D&A Model Management, sports clothing and accessories from Glitterati, Metropolis, Mr Price, Zara and Topshop. Check out the some of the original images below. To view more, visit the Gaschette feature.


    Photography and retouching: Lauren Fletcher www.laurenfletcherphoto.co.za
    Styling: Zakirah Rabaney
    Makeup: Jacqueline D’Nielle
    Model: Aphelele at D&A Model Management.
    Special thanks to Craig Hemphill at Direct Photographic, Cape Town.

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  • Nina Fabunmi

    Questions With Contemporary Artist Nina Fabunmi

    Apr 3, 2015 • Art, Articles, Interviews, Nigeria • Views

    Nina Fabunmi’s breathtaking artwork explores themes of the African diaspora through personal narratives and cultural references.

    Her solo exhibition ‘Rebirth’, is currently showing at the Joyce Gordon Gallery, and features a collection of pieces that are inspired by her interactions with locals in her new home of San Francisco.

    We spoke to Nina about her latest ‘Rebirth’ collection, her inspirations and pursuing art as a career. 

    Nina Fabunmi Rebirth

    What inspires your work?
    My culture, life’s experiences, emotions and my environment.


    You have had careers in Real Estate, Broadcasting and Telecommunications. At which point did you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in art?
    I guess I have always had two professions because alongside these other industries that I have worked in, the only constant was making art. I never stopped. I have been making art since I was 6. I took it on professionally in 2008 when I was discovered by a gallery owner and I pursued my Masters in Fine art in 2011 after I had enough conviction and financial resources to go back to school.

    Nina Fabunmi

    Explain your artistic aesthetic?
    Bold, colorful , expressive and with the infusion of tribal marks as a representation of my African culture.


    You are currently showing new work at your solo exhibition ‘Rebirth’? Can you describe the process and inspiration behind this collection?
    I feel like I am living again, I have been reborn. A chance to pursue the profession I love in an art inspired city and I am an African in the Diaspora trying to find a place and have my voice heard. ‘Rebirth’ captures the bay area and the diversity of its people. This is my new home and I add to its diversity.

    Nina Fabunmi

    You grew up in Nigeria and are now living in the US, (San Francisco to be specific). Would you say that both of these locations have had any effect on your style of work?
    Definitely. I love that I can use my art to teach culture, it is unique and it tells of who I am and what I represent. I am blending it into my new environment and the people that I am now amongst. So, my art is a mix of both worlds, Africa and America.


    Would you say that you have faced any challenges with being a female contemporary artist?
    I would say that in Nigeria, the art world is male dominated, so it’s really difficult for female artists to find significance. Here, both male ad female sort of find a way and are more recognized without gender discrimination. I am challenged by the uniqueness of my work as I try to make it universal and yet tied to my roots. I think I have finally found this balance in the versatility of my subjects, because the cohesiveness in my body of work can be found in my style of painting.  I have my own artistic voice which shines through in my aesthetics .

    Nina Fabunmi

    Tell us how others describe your work versus how you see it? Do people understand it or do you constantly have to explain it?
    Trust me, it’s so amazing the way people interpret my work. Some people get the general meaning and others find new meanings that make so much sense that i even incorporate it into the significance of the art. Some others really baffle me and cause me to give my work a second look. One example, I made some marine paintings which I displayed at the Pan African Film Festival alongside some nude figures, and a gentleman told me that that was the coast, and that the ship in the water was the slave ship and the nude future lying on the floor which was a completely different piece was an enslaved man. Honestly, this was never my intention but he saw it differently. I thought his interpretation was bizarre.


    Are there any artists that inspire you?
    Jeremy Mann, Patrice Murciano and Russ Mills

    Acceptance by Nina Fabunmi

    What are your other interests besides art?
    Photography, Modelling, fashion, knitting and crocheting, sports (swimming and basketball) hiking and outdoors.


    Any advice for new artists interested in pursuing art as a career?
    Follow your heart, pursue it with passion, and never give up. Learn from failure, dust yourself up again and keep going.


    To learn more about the art of Nina Fabunmi, visit the following links:



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  • mr-and-mrs-doctor-cover-2

    UPCOMING NEW NOVEL: Mr. and Mrs. Doctor, A novel by Julie Iromuanya

    Apr 3, 2015 • Articles, Books, Nigeria • Views

    Chicago-based writer and scholar Julie Iromuanya, will be releasing her first novel ‘Mr. and Mrs. Doctor’ next month. Iromuanya has written short stories for notable publications including  The Kenyon ReviewPassages North and the Cream City Review. Her most eminent work was her feature in the 2013 anthology, ‘Converging Identities: Blackness in the Modern Diaspora‘.

    View the synopsis for Mr. and Mrs. Doctor below:


    Ifi and Job, a Nigerian couple in an arranged marriage, begin their lives together in Nebraska with a single, outrageous lie: that Job is a doctor, not a college dropout. Unwittingly, Ifi becomes his co-conspirator—that is until his first wife, Cheryl, whom he married for a green card years ago, reenters the picture and upsets Job’s tenuous balancing act.

    Mr. and Mrs. Doctor is due for release on May 12 and is currently available for pre-order via Amazon. Click here to learn more.

    Website: http://julieiromuanya.com

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  • Ellen Elias. Source: Instagram

    Dressing for Herself, No Man’s Approval Needed: Ellen Elias (StyleLikeU)

    Mar 30, 2015 • Articles, Eritrea, Video • Views

    Swedish stylist Ellen Elias is featured in the latest installment of StyleLikeU.com‘s ‘Whats Underneath’ web series.
    In the video, she talks about her unique style of dressing and self confidence.

    See the video and description below:

    Ellen Elias, the East African (by way of Sweden) heroine of our new What’s Underneath, won’t submit to dressing for a man.“When I meet a man who accepts my style, that’s the one I’ll actually want to be with,” Ellen told us. Her irrepressible confidence stems from her mom (who told to her ignore the beauty norms she saw on television), as well as the women of Eritrea (the East African country where she’s from) who fought right with the men in their battle for independence against Ethiopia. In the same way that she won’t force herself into the perennial little black dress just to get a dime-a-dozen boyfriend, Ellen also won’t conform to stereotypes of how black women “should be.” Way out of the ordinary, no one can peg Ellen to anything based on her looks, including her actual country of origin. She is a woman of the world who is simultaneously at one with who she is, and her story is in our new What’s Underneath episode above!
    To learn more, visit StyleLikeU.com

    Ellen Elias. Source: Instagram

    About ‘What’s Underneath’
    StyleLikeU.com asked a select group of individuals to participate in a project in which they will remove their clothes to honor how style is not the clothes you wear. To learn more, visit Read more at Stylelikeu.com

    Image Source: Instagram

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