Project Ananse – New Kickstarter app to take on mobile gaming with an African twist

Sep 7, 2016 • ArticlesNo Comments

main image small‘Ananse’s Well Rescue’ is a gaming app in development that uses both math questions and Adinkra symbols (a set of icons that in Asante culture from Ghana) to solve puzzles. delivering gameplay that is not only fun but educational and culturally vibrant as well.

Created by Kiaski Donkor and Project Ananse, a group made up of friends based both in Ghana and the UK, aiming to use African culture as the backdrop and inspiration for modern creative works. They have already developed several Ananse-themed ideas, which include a children’s storybook, a mask pack and comic, all available through this Kickstarter campaign, and look to continue that streak with this new game.

The game and books will also be supplied to Street Library Ghana(SLG), a charity that looks to increase literacy in Children by providing reading books and other learning materials. They will be giving the children they work with access to something that is both educational and culturally relevant to them.

The group is looking to raise £5000, through a Kickstarter campaign, to cover coding and production costs. Click here to learn more.


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