Questions with Chuks Erinne, CEO and Founder of Ankcara Marketplace

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With African inspired products becoming a hot commodity in modern popular culture, one company that is helping to bridge the gap between the consumer and the retailer, is Ankcara.

Founded in 2013, Ankcara is an online marketplace that specializes in luxury African inspired apparel and home furnishing. We spoke to CEO and founder Chuks Erinne to learn more about this exciting new way to shop.


ankcara3What is Ankcara?
ANKCARA is the curated online marketplace that connects African Inspired fashion and accessories designers and retailers with global end consumers looking for high quality, limited-edition, contemporary African lifestyle products.


How did the concept of Ankcara come about? 
An Indian colleague of mine had directed me to a site he purchased some ready to wear Indian apparel and i thought it was a good idea…a place you could go and purchase Indian inspired apparel and home goods. This was around March of 2012. I thought, i’m sure there was a place to go and find modern African inspired items. I did  a simple Google search but did not find any site that was solely focused on African fashion, accessories and home goods…a “one stop shop” and this sparked the idea in me.

I contacted a developer friend and we began doing some research into a suitable platform, the decision to buy an off the shelf software or design one from scratch. The rest is history and late 2013, Ankcara was born.


What type of items can people sell on Ankcara?
On ANKCARA, one can sell African inspired fashion, fabric, accessories and home goods.


Ankcara is a curated marketplace, so how do you decide what can be sold on the platform?
Every item to be sold on ANKCARA goes through an approval process. When a designer/seller is interested in selling on ANKCARA, our account management team works with them to select the items/designs that will be listed on the marketplace. We focus on unique combination of traditional and modern products that gives the buyers, who are interested in African inspired fashion, an opportunity to own products that are truly unique.
How do interested sellers get involved ? Is there a requirement to participate as a seller? Can anyone open a store?

The requirements to sell on ANKCARA is a PayPal account. ANKCARA is a marketplace for designers and retailers of African inspired fashion. To get involved, sellers can apply for a store by navigating to our site – and click on the ‘Open a Shop’ or “SELL” links. Once the account and products are approved, the account is published and ready to receive sales.

Ankcara also helps entrepreneurs with professional assistance. Can you tell us a little bit about how that process works?
To better support our sellers, ANKCARA provides “designer services” under 3 main categories:

  • Product Development – Product concept design assistance
  • Business Development – Fabric sourcing, product design, sales and marketing
  • Design Services – Logo and Identity development, web production design and print design



How can our readers learn more about Ankcara?
You can learn more about ANKCARA on Also our social media accounts are a better way to connect with us:

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –


I would like to thank the Ankcara Team for facilitating this interview with CEO and founder Chuks Erinne.

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