Radiance of Tomorrow: A Novel by Ishmael Beah #SierraLeone

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radiance-of-tomorrow“Everyone in the world should read this book. Not just because it contains an amazing story, or because it’s our moral, bleeding-heart duty, or because it’s clearly written. We should read it to learn about the world and about what it means to be human.” —The Washington Post

“A breathtaking and unselfpitying account of how a gentle spirit survives a childhood from which all innocence has suddenly been sucked out.  It’s a truly riveting memoir.” —Time

Radiance of Tomorrow is Sierra Leonian author Ishmael Beah’s first novel. Most will remember him from his 2007 memoir A Long Way Gone – a book that documented Beah’s experiences as a child soldier.

Radiance of Tomorrow examines the aftermath that survivors of war experience when they return home and the challenges faces when trying to rebuild their lives.

Radiance of Tomorrow has been elected as one of  Amazon’s Best Books of the Month for January 2014. Click here to learn more.

Source: http://www.alongwaygone.com/ishmael_beah.html

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