REVIEW: Bound: Africans Versus African Americans

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Last week, ‘Bound: Africans Versus African Americans’ (Bound) premiered at the African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) in New York.

BoundBound explores the complex and often unspoken conflicts between the African and African American communities.

From the ‘versus’ in the title, one would assume that the film would perhaps play on the friction between the two parties and offer little resolution. But rather than create an awkward rift, the film served as a catalyst for continued discussions on matters affecting the African diaspora as a whole.

The 90-minute film touched on post traumatic stress as a result of slavery, the aftermath and the effects of colonisation in Africa, struggles of self acceptance and identity, colorism as well as other issues.

Internationally renowned author Joy Degruy, Pan African Film Festival founder Ayuko Babu, Kwanzaa founder Dr. Maulana Karenga and African Focus founder Uchenna Nworgu all provided commentaries which gave strength to Bound‘s message.

Filmmaker Peres Owino’s ability to break down the barriers and open up a much needed dialogue by uniting both parties on common grounds was amazing. She incorporated her comedic background to lighten specific topics that could otherwise be touchy moments for some.

Overall the film succeeded in giving a crash course in African American history and politics, and opened the floor to future projects that wish to elaborate on the films directive.

The film was followed by a question and answer session lead by award-winning Multimedia Journalist Ernest Owens. Owens let us in on his own personal journey, one that is mentioned in a recent article, ‘5 Lessons Traveling to Africa Taught Me About Being Black in America‘.


One viewer stated that Bound served as ‘therapy’ with many in the audience nodding in agreement.

‘Bound: Africans Versus African Americans’ will be available to buy on Google Play on February 2015. It’s a must watch for everyone (most especially those in the African diaspora).

‘Bound: Africans Versus African Americans’ Directed by Peres Owino, 2014, 90 min., United States, documentary, English.

Image: Pixeous

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